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How do I make a reservation?

Preferably through our website: https://www.1869principereal.com/


Why do I need to register my details when I make a reservation?

We ask you to register your data with us, so that we can manage your reservations, now and in the future, as well as allow us to access your reservation data at any time.


Can I appear on the premises without a reservation?

It is possible, and if there is availability the guest can go to his room in a few minutes. However, it is advisable to make a prior reservation so that, when arriving at the hotel facilities, the guest already has their guaranteed room on departure.


Can I request a room next to another room or on a specific floor?

If rooms are available, we will take such requests into account.


What happens if I cannot arrive on the first day of my reservation?

No problem, once the reservation is made the guest has his room guaranteed for the stipulated period.


What is the check-in time?

The check-in period at our facilities is from 3 pm to 9:30 pm.


What is the check-out time?

The check-out period at our facilities is from 8am to 12pm.


Can I leave my luggage at the hotel before checking in?

Yes, we have luggage storage available at our B&B.


Can I leave my luggage at the hotel after checking out?

Yes, we have luggage storage available at our B&B.


Does the 1869 Príncipe Real House have a car park?

No, but there is one less than 5 minutes from the hotel.


Are children welcome to the 1869 Príncipe Real House?

Yes, for that we have chairs, cribs and sofa beds in order to guarantee maximum comfort to our youngest guests.


Can I smoke in the hotel / room?

Smoking is not permitted.


Does the hotel accept pets?

Pets are not allowed.


Can I take guests to my room?

We are happy that our guests have invited guests to our premises. However, they always need to be accompanied by the customer for security reasons and the services provided will be guaranteed only to our guests.


Do you provide cleaning services?

Yes, we have a housekeeping team that daily guarantees the cleanliness of our rooms.


Are bed linen and towels included in the room?

Yes, they are included in the room you book.


Do the rooms have private bathrooms?

Yes, all rooms have private bathrooms.


Does 1869 Príncipe Real House have its own restaurant?

We do not have a restaurant, but a breakfast room, as well as a bar area where you can consume some typical products, such as wine, jams, etc.


I can’t find the hotel’s contact number.

On our website you have all our contact methods available. We are always available to answer.


Are my payment card details secure?

Yes, all details entered as part of your reservation are safely kept.


Is the price per person or per room?

The price is per room and not per person. Only the tourist tax, in the amount of 2 euros / night, is per person.


The price of the room I’m interested in has increased since I last checked, why?

The rooms at the 1869 Príncipe Real House Bed & Breakfast are sold on the basis that the earlier you book, the less you pay, and that periods of high demand cost more than less popular periods. Prices will generally increase as you approach your date of stay.


How can I extend my stay?

To extend your stay, you must make a new reservation. If you have questions or need additional clarification, you can always contact us.


May I cancel my reservation?

It depends on the rate you chose when booking (cancellation policies)